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Choose something in which you feel glamorous – this is your time to feel special and beautiful and I want to capture that for you to treasure as a print in your home.


Choosing your family clothes for your session can seem a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be.

I work closely with families to talk about your favourite colours, what goes well together and sending visual boards to help you to to decide.

I have gathered these simple tricks to keep it quick and easy for you to pull together a gorgeous set of outfits for everyone.


Where To Begin

Start by deciding whether you prefer a cooler or warmer effect in the finished image. Consider how you decorate at home and opt for similar colours; these will compliment your home perfectly.

  Warm: Choose browns, yellows, creams, pinks and any natural earthy tones along with some pinks

Cool: Choose blues, greys, olives, sage, mint, whites



Coordinated: Aim for simple coordinated clothing with 1-2 central colours (the majority of items to be in these colours) and then add some touches of other colours, keeping to the warm or cool tone range you opted for.


Mums; Lay out your own outfit first and then Dad’s, with the children to compliment that. Children’s clothes can have some pattern eg dots, stripes or floral, whilst it helps to keep you own in solid colours.


Add interest:  Using texture and sheer fabrics, knits, soft floaty fabrics, or velvet, tweed etc. Choosing tops with detail will add to the interest in your image; look for embellishment, buttons, soft collars, embroidery.


Men tend to prefer to wear a shirt and chino or plain t-shirt and chino style trouser.


For the little one’s chinos or coloured leggings, dresses, romper style dungaree and plain tops work well.


Need more ideas? Have a look at this Family What To Wear Board with visual examples to help you to see how outfits can coordinate together well.



“We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun ” – Winnie the Pooh
Don’t stress too much on choosing the perfect outfits. At the end of the day, its all about your family, and that is the most important thing to be captured. As long as you feel great and have fun that is the most important and your happiness will shine through into your photos!

Top tips to get the best from your outfits

• Take the opportunity to wear something you might choose for a friend’s wedding – whatever helps you to feel at your most beautiful and how you want to remember yourself

• Wear something in which you feel comfortable to be photographed in a sitting position (e.g. avoid pencil skirt style,  shorts or above knee skirts)

• Avoid patterns bigger than a grain of rice, leave logo tops and character tops at home.  Stripes can work but I do recommend to avoid black and white, avoid dark navy as they can be over contrast-y in the image.

• Wear white or nude coloured under wear and bring a coordinated bra for darker outfits – to allow you to avoid straps showing and ruining the effect of your outfit

• Feet look best with no shoes or socks/tights during the photos

• Opt for light nail colour if you want to polish them for the session. You don’t want it to draw the attention away from your lovely family

• Bring along hair brushes, clips or bows for little ones

• Give yourself a little extra pamper with curling your hair, adding make-up and bring jewellery to add detail to your photographs

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Now that you’re ready to start thinking about what to wear for your Family photos, don’t forget to book your session!

Sessions typically fill up 2-3 months in advance.

My approach starts with getting to know you and your family, to create a session to reflect you and show your love. You recieve  help with every step of the process, from wardrobe styling to what shots to include in the session and gallery wall design. Each finished piece is more than just a photograph—it is irreplaceable family history made into art that will be cherished forever.

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