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Preparing for your birth & new baby


So, you’re pregnant (yay!) In the weeks after your first trip to the Doctor to confirm your pregnancy, there are so many exciting new things to find out. But once you’ve given the exciting news to your family, friends and colleagues, what next?

 There are many articles, books and (well meaning) advice-givers out there… so how do you decide what to concentrate on for planning ahead about your birth?

Learning about birth ahead of time, and planning to be more active in the process leading up to your birth and on the day itself, can help you to be prepared for however your baby decides to enter the world – water birth, caesarean, home birth, delivery with an epidural or assisted delivery (and many more). It doesn’t matter how your baby arrives; being prepared can enable you to make more relaxed and informed decisions or requests to more easily enjoy your birth.

 Here are some tips to get you started on your birth planning…

white company baby gift set1)     Consider learning about the birth process and how this can vary – from online videos, to research borrowing books at your local library in Surrey. Read about and see videos of real labours with Baby Centre.





2)     Establish a support group – Family and friends are wonderful for keeping you going and helping you with all the planning for your new baby. They say it takes a village to raise a child – friewomen friend maternityndship with other mums going through the same thing as you can be invaluable in helping you to navigate your first weeks with baby. Check your area for local classes like Daisy Birthing®, Daisy Baby®, and Daisy Parent® programs by Daisy Foundation, which can help you to learn about the birth process, breathing techniques and establish friendships with other parents in your area.

3)     Stock up on essentials and freeze healthy meals. Do you have friends, sibling and grandparents who are keen to get involved? Ask them to help my preparing freezer tubs of 2 person meals for you to stock up the freezer. When your baby arrives, you can be tired and your body needs extra nutrition to keep up with post natal changes. Whilst you have your hands full with your new baby, your husband can be heating up a quick meal and ready to help with feeds and changes if you have prepared food on hand for those first two weeks at home.

4)     Don’t forget to plan some time for you and your partner. It might not seem like much, but having a nice film saved to watch with a big tub of cool ice cream can be just what you need to enjoy a few minutes of bonding time with daddy. If you fancy going somewhere, a nearby Surrey hotel like The Beaverbrook Estate for one night with baby able to sleep in an easily transported moses basket & stand could be exactly the treat you deserve.

spa woking surrey5)     Prioritise YOU. A happy mummy makes for a happy baby. Treat yourselves to a mini massage – don’t forget to tell them you’ve had a baby so that they can plan for sensitive tummies and use safe aromatherapy oils if you’re breastfeeding. Invest in some baby-friendly soaps and tea lights for a bath once baby is napping, you can combine a bit of relaxation with soothing muscles and get clean all at once!

 What would you add to the list?