Is your little one starting school this week? How do you feel about this major change in your life and theirs? Will it leave a big gap in your home during the day or are you ready to gain back some time to work or spend with younger siblings still at home?

Life as a parent is full of learning as you go and making decisions that often feel so momentous. Being a parent is a huge responsibility to the future of our little people and gosh sometimes it can be hard seeing them growing up.

From the small things you learn and decide as you move through the early days, weaning and play dates, there are so very many things you have to weigh up about your own lifestyle and the lifestyle you want to instil in your own baby as they grow into little people.

Figuring out the best way to raise your baby, what you feel are the best routines, whether they eat organic or on the go from your plate, whether you raise them wild and free or decide to go with rules and routines, what is healthy to eat – can they have chocolate on their first Easter?, should you sign them up to every social and learning experience or take a relaxed at home play approach, should they get t.v. time or grow up outdoors?

The list is endless and we parents are under huge pressure to decide on what is best and balanced for our little people. It can be a very hard job.

Of the hardest things you have to decide upon is the education you want for your little one. It is such a momentous milestone when you reach the day that you must press the button to submit your school choices. Do you go for small and personal?, private education with access to as much extra learning as possible?, somewhere with a forest school?, the school you grew up in yourself? The list is endless and so much is at stake, it can be a very stressful decision.

Don’t worry mums! You got this! They will succeed with you by their side cheering from the sidelines!

Surrey Mummy, Early Years Parent Support and Net Mums have top tips on preparing your child for starting school.

If your last chick is leaving the nest for school, you may be starting back to work after a break, check out https://mumandworking.co.uk/ for tips and vacancies.

So now that the first day has been completed, how do you feel about your baby starting this journey of growing up and going to school? A whole day without you by their side, new responsibilities and more expectation, learning new social skills and becoming independent?

I would love to hear your feelings and what decision you made for your own little one.